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the Hybrid Company  
Target Marketing  
  Reach all of your customers through traditional and online channels. 
Anytime, Anywhere  





Plan & Implement

Your Winning Marketing Strategy

   Research and Develop Traditional and Online Marketing Strategies   
   Examine 3 Success Strategies of Profitable Hybrid Companies 
   Identify the Most Profitable Marketing Channels 
   Learn the Best Sequence to Use to Incorporate Clicks, Bricks  
     & Catalogs   
   Integrate Websites, Storefronts and Catalogs without Creating 
     Marketing Channel Conflict  
   Maximize Traditional and Online Marketing Effectiveness 
   Learn Specific "How-To" Techniques from Industry Leaders 

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"Traditional companies that viewed the Web as a business opportunity are the ones left standing strong after the dot.com fallout, argues Tiernan. Clear, realistic, and well-organized, her book lays out a strategic and tactical road map for reaching customers through all available channels, with helpful chapter summaries." 

Publishers Weekly

June 4, 2001




Traditional and Online Marketing Strategies 

  Clicks   Bricks   Catalogs


In the aftermath of dot-com disasters, the most successful 

business model to rise from the ashes is the hybrid company.

 Hybrid Companies will be the most vital businesses in the next stage of the 
 New Economy. These are the companies that sell through a blend of e-commerce,  
 bricks-and-mortar, and catalog sales channels.  

 Hybrid Companies achieve a profit, maintain a steady pattern of increased 
 sales, acquire capital for growth, and successfully expand at a faster rate than any 
 other business model.



Today's Successul

Business Model


The Hybrid Company 


Achieve Profitability and Longevity 
Business leaders need to reach all of their customers through multi-channels achieved with” structure that blends e-commerce, a physical presence and print, such as a catalog. Clicks. Bricks. Catalogs. Not two or three separate businesses under one name, but a seamless merger of one, integrated entity....a “hybrid"

Plus...You will Find

to help you with your strategic 
planning to form a hybrid company 

      - and -

 Guidelines for: 

                                  Clicks First

                                  Bricks First

                                  Catalogs First




About the Author

Bernadette Tiernan is an online instructor in the Rutgers Graduate School of Management and teaches e-commerce marketing to undergraduates in the Rutgers School of Management. She is also the e-business consultant for the New Jersey Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Rutgers. Ms. Tiernan is also the author of "E-tailing" and "Start Smart Your Home-Based Business. She has appeared on national radio and television including CNN, Bloomberg Television, and  ABC's Weekend News. You can contact her at btiernan@yourbizpartner.com



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